Thursday, November 30, 2023
2 States of India started Ramadan 1 day earlier than other States in India

2 States of India started Ramadan 1 day earlier than other States in India

Fasting of Ramadan this year will begin from April 24 in 2 States of India. These States of India are Kerala and Karnataka. The new moon sighted in these States to end the Islamic calendar month Shaban. This brings in the beginning of Ramadan according to the information shown to the Muslims of these two States.  

The 2 Southern States of India will begin fasting from April 24. And the rest of the States will look for sighting of the moon on April 24. This is not the first time that a confusion created in India while Kerala always follows Saudi Arabia. Jamat Ahle Hadith throughout India supposed to begin fasting from April 24 as it was reported.

However, it’s every Muslim’s responsibility to demand for clarification. And at the same time it’s good to follow what’s informed to them. Muslims can simply follow what’s informed and leave on the Islamic authorities in India.

The Islamic leaders in India are always held responsible for what needs to be taken as the correct date of Ramadan. The moon sighted in India on April 23 and so Ramadan fasting should’ve been started from April 24. But it’s clearly understandable that Muslims in India do what’s been announced for them to follow.

However, when moon was sighted on April 23 in Kerala and Karnataka then there’s some confusion in different parts of India. It’s better to wipe out what has happened as happened and do not ponder to make this an issue. 2 States of India will begin fasting from April 24 while it’s not so bad for others to begin fasting a day later.

Other States of India Start Ramadan Early Why?

The hadith says: Start fasting after sighting the moon of Ramadan and stop after sighting the moon of shawal. Now there is lot of confusion about the areas where it is to be considered. And as one hadith says if moon is sighted by people living on one side of a mountain. But the people living on the other side did not see the moon they need not fast. Now our Islam is not divided by physical boundaries with the use of political maps.

For example we see moon in Kashmir valley of Indian side and whole India wants to celebrate Eid. But the neighboring country Pakistan, which is separated by few meters did not see the moon. And will not celebrate as they did not see the moon. One more hadith says that if there’s new moon crescent. But you cannot see because of dense clouds so do not start fasting until you see the moon. 

This is a subject which many learned Ulema or scholars could not give a satisfying answer. Yes, we need not argue or create any issue over the matters that Allah knows better. So, leave everything on Allah and do the best. May Allah forgive all of us if we are wrong in any case.

Khalid M Raza

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