Amit Shah is missing from scene currently as it looks he is in quarantine?

Amit Shah is missing from scene currently as it looks he is in quarantine?

Amit Shah is missing as he’s supposed to take care of the poor people with his Union Home Minister position. It looks that he’s at home quarantine and reports have not come out over his hiding from the current situation. He’s avoiding something that will be known soon as it’s happening similar to what happened before Delhi was attacked. No one from BJP pulled their socks to stop the one sided violence against Muslims in Delhi.

Narendra Modi intentionally was busy with Donald Trump and building a wall to hide poverty from US President. He built the wall before Donald Trump arrived in India. Similar situation will be exposed soon if Amit Shah is missing still from the current scenario.

Amit Shah is Missing Why?


“Does anyone have any news about Amit Shah? Something very unusual or serious has taken place. Govt should come out and tell the Nation where is he?”. These questions are popping up in the twittery. Let’s discus something more to know how Amit Shah went missing?

As responsibilities come in the way of the BJP leaders there is something they usually do. They go on hiding and are not in the news. Television media is connected with their online channels to make believe the people with fake news. People often believe major online channels because this is what the news posts say as they need to believe.

But this is not the case with all BJP online channels and the BJP IT cell. The BJP IT cell has over 60 Crore fake accounts and they create posts that degrade Muslims in India. The BJP IT cell workers are allover the world and they’re about 5 crores.

Amit Shah is missing not because he’s affected with Corona Virus but he’s planning something that’s against Muslims. Muslims do not worry as India is exposed allover the world as a fascist country. It’s so because BJP is fascist and they’re ruling India.

Khalid M Raza

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