No Eid shopping say scholars as market open in India for 4 days before Eid

No Eid shopping say scholars as market open in India for 4 days before Eid

No Eid shopping for Muslims this Ramadan but only worshiping and helping people required. The more you worship and the more you help people of any religion the better Muslim you’ll be. Say scholars. It’s highly recommended for Muslims in India to never follow the way shown to them. The way shown is nothing but misleading.

The BJP govt opened market 4 days before Eid. And if you follow BJP and do bad then that will harm you. One of the sayings in Islam as per the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) is: One, who does good benefits himself and one who does bad harms himself.

There’s nothing tough in Islam to follow. Islam is very easy religion. Practice praying 5 time prayers, you’ll find the prayers that much easy that you’ll also pray the late night prayer: “Tahajjud”. Praying “Tahajjud” at late nights while you get up after sleeping for some hours is very precious. And “Tahajjud” benefits you more than you can imagine.

Try to be a giver and help the poor always because upper hand is better than the lower hand. If you give a goodly loan for gaining the rewards than it’s better to say no Eid shopping for yourself & your family. This situation is horrible as all Mosques are closed and people not traveling for Haj & Umrah. And if you think of Eid shopping? Say no to it.

If you want to spend money then spend money upon the needy and that’s a very good deed.

You can find various organization in India as you can reach them through their mobile numbers. And if you find that those organizations are benefiting the poor people with collected money then go ahead. Or you can also help the poor people personally. It’s up to you.

Khalid M Raza

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