This Article tries best to explain why Amit Shah creating fake posts

This Article tries best to explain why Amit Shah creating fake posts

This article might be useful for a good read. Moreover, you can find out that much only to get out of confusion regarding Amit Shah. Amit Shah is suffering from bone cancer. He cannot walk properly or speak something meaningful. But, his social media handles are too busy. This is so because Amit Shah is pretending to be healthy upon the policy of BJP govt. So, currently someone is managing the post of Union Home Minister of India.

And that’s not important for a debate on mainstream media. The mainstream media is the puppet of BJP. Are you not aware that whenever Amit Shah is criticized then he comes out and speaks something to defend himself? Yes, he uses some television channels and tries to divert the attention of the people whenever he gets targeted. Now, the situation is so bad that even thinking about CAA, NRC or NPR will only worsen the illness of Amit Shah.

He boasted many times that NRC or NPR will be rolled out until 2024. But, he was not aware that things are there to change. Changes do take place and this is a sour truth that BJP never wants to believe. The BJP govt left Amit Shah in care unit and also trying for his treatment in foreign country.

The show will carry on whether Amit Shah will be there or not. This article is very short and we’ve a point to discuss or say straightforwardly that Amit Shah is ill. He’s suffering from a cancer that happens to dogs. Let’s not forget that if you give bad to the people then it will comeback to you. And if you give good then good will be your life.

Khalid M Raza

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