TV channel shows fake live video of Amit Shah for what reasons?

TV channel shows fake live video of Amit Shah for what reasons?

A TV channel of India called as republic … showed a fake live video of Amit Shah. Amit Shah was not present for the TV show and some questions from present asked. And mixed with Shah’s old interviews that’s what the Indian channel did today as it fallen down so much. Amit Shah is not fit health wise and if his health problem is disclosed then some people will laugh. This will be so because he’s suffering from Bone cancer and that occurs in dogs.

His dogged behavior will be also revealed. After a brief fact check and in quick time and then it was known this TV channel created fake news post as Amit Shah live. And it turned out to be fake. Relax Andh-Bhakts there will be more lies to come.

TV Channel are fake & Why?

Earlier, a person created a fake tweet. In that tweet few weeks back he tweeted on behalf of Amit Shah. Amit Shah told all Indians to pray for him as he was suffering from bone cancer in that fake tweet. But, that tweet was actually fake as it looked fake but the intention of the tweeter was not bad.

He wanted all Indians to pray for the Union Home Minister. Amit Shah’s twitter handler dismissed it and tweeted that Amit Shah was fully fit. After lot of huffs and puffs, it was then known that something is fishy and that was revealed.

So, the TV channel used old videos and current situation to make the people believe that Amit Shah is healthy. But, he’s not and was not. All news TV channels in India are fake including few online channels just to please BJP govt. And they create fake news in order to cover up with the divide & rule policy of BJP.

The Television channel made huge money and also brought back their viewers. The Game is still on. We’ll come again with another fact check soon. Let’s think more and decide whether Amit Shah is healthy or suffering from cancer?

Khalid M Raza

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