Narendra Modi becomes Master Feku on Social Media Platforms

Narendra Modi becomes Master Feku on Social Media Platforms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a character. And he’s very famous around the world. Indians follow him on large numbers on Social Media. He’s capable of delivering such speeches that people couldn’t control applauding. And with the COVID-19 crises; Narendra Modi becomes Master Feku and much more. Whenever any post from him appears on Social Media then it definitely creates entertainment among users. He’s India’s iconic Prime Minister and a leader most adorably called as Feku. He moves far ahead with his eventful career and behaves sometimes foolishly. However, Narendra Modi becomes Master Feku on Social Media for many reasons.  

We at In Hand Writer believe in making people read more of our news posts, stories, books & poetry etc. But at the same time we respect the sentiments of the followers of BJP and Narendra Modi. No doubt about it because he’s unfortunately the Prime Minister of India. So, it’s better to not keep up with uncalled panic and never move forward.

We’ve already criticized BJP through many of our posts to disclose the facts. Moreover, we also wrote teasing poetry on PM Narendra Modi. But, when PM Narendra Modi claims falsely he gets caught only on Social Media platforms. This is so because TV or mainstream media never shows any facts concerning BJP leaders. The media is sold to BJP long back.

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