Liars including media in India will get what they deserve in the Hereafter

Liars including media in India will get what they deserve in the Hereafter

Liars including media will taste success for longtime but they’ll be responsible for increase of poverty in India. Reports coming in from the media in India and a large number of comments on social media include lies. Most of the lies coming in from BJP followers and BJP leaders. These are professional liars including media in India. Situation could be worse in future as India will never progress if lies will be believed. Media in India always on rampage to create fake stories. It’s time to wake up and speak truth and listen truth otherwise Indians will be in deep trouble.

BJP leaders including Indian PM speak lies every time. This is a sensible issue that India currently going through. And in the past also many lies were spoken. Indians should refrain from believing fake media reports. They should come forward to support the innocents. The innocents in India suffering mostly are the Muslims under the shade of BJP govt.

The BJP knows that Muslims in India troubled more and they want more Muslims to be troubled. Henceforth, they’re creating their own worst life after death with regard to suffer sooner or later in this world too. When Muslims in India ignore the atrocities over them then BJP rejoices. And keeps Muslims under more trouble.  

Fake reports and fake stories in India might be the reason for the success of liars including media. But do they know the lies might be profitable for them but the truth even if fails them, they’ll be successful? And that failure of speaking truth will be better in the Hereafter. The life after death will be the most painful for the wrongdoers. Do they know that worldly life is very short when compared to the endless life of the Hereafter?

Khalid M Raza

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