When You wake up at late nights before fajr prayer then You need to pray

When You wake up at late nights before fajr prayer then You need to pray

What will you do as a Muslim when you wake up at late nights all of a sudden? You’ll be awake for at least an hour. So, is it not good to benefit yourself with rewards other than doing any other activity? The rewarding activity for you to benefit you in this World and the life after your death is praying at least 2 rakat. Pray 2 rakat salah at late nights when you wake up followed by asking the Almighty for better life will benefit you more.

Ask for more good in this World and Hereafter as the most Merciful Lord of the Worlds will be pleased. Ask for the repentance of your sins. Do good deeds and pray all the five time prayers including the prayers of the late nights. Late night prayer is called Tahajjud.

You can pray Tahajjud not limited to 2 rakat only because as much rakats you can afford to pray you can pray that much. Remember that you must not miss your fajr prayer on time and the rest of the other four.

Some Muslims sleep late at nights and that makes them to miss their Fajr prayer. It’s better for them to immediately look forward to sleep as soon as they finish the Isha’n prayers (night prayers).

When Muslims wake up at Late Nights & More… 

Islam is simple religion and the commands of the Almighty Allah are easy to follow and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The last & final Messenger sent to the entire World to follow Islam righteously is our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Almighty Allah had sent many Messengers to the Earth for different nations.

Prophet Mohammed was sent for all mankind. Read Qura’n, which’s revealed to our Prophet Mohammed and read Sahi Hadiths to be a better Muslim. And to avoid Hell fire and the immediate punishment after your death.

When you get woken up because of any noise or with any reason, then you have nothing to do at late nights, right? And so it becomes the best time for you to pray in seclusion. Praying in seclusion is also worthy and that of praying in congregation. Congregation is necessary for the obligatory five time prayers. During late night you might be in seclusion or not.

But ask your Lord to forgive you, Who has created Billions of His creations including, Sun, Moon & Stars etc., for you. He also created many other living beings for you and the vegetation plus trees and fruits. Always worship the Creator and not His creations. Be thankful to Him always for He is always protecting you.

You can see the much suffering people if you’re suffering and so still you should be thankful to Him. People are tested with poverty and with richness. So, keep patience and follow Islam with the best of your efforts.

Khalid M Raza

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