Tanzania is first Country to end Coronavirus crises this way how?

Tanzania is first Country to end Coronavirus crises this way how?

Tanzania taught WHO and the all the leaders of the World to fight COVID-19 this way. The developing Country ensured that no hype in their media should be allowed. The govt banned their Media from reporting number of infections or COVID-19 cases to create panic in their country. Firstly, their govt adopted a policy to never get funded from foreign resources to fight the battle.  

Tanzania never took help from World Bank and other resources so that the virus cannot enter the nation in anyway. Earlier, Bill Gates and WHO warned that African countries most likely to be the hot spots. However, the crises of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been affecting rich countries more. More number of people from developed nations troubled including Asians.

Tanzania also reported only the number deaths to the dead person’s family members and so people there were less panicky. They covered entire population in testing of COVID-19 during the pandemic’s first 6 months. Later. it was possible to make Tanzania virus free country.  

People there were so much fearless and the process of testing carried out peacefully. Henceforth, Tanzania with more worthy step by step procedures fought and won the battle against the virus. The country never imported any kits or any sort of equipment from foreign countries. Many other countries including India needs to adopt Tanzania’s strategy.

They all should follow the basics that Tanzania was able to carry out. A good lesson to learn and to follow. Do the govt of India adopt this strategy now or is it too late? Only time will tell a different story as India had enough time to act smartly early this year. Moreover, India is suffering more from poverty than Coronavirus.

Khalid M Raza

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