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Tough life of expats in Gulf as situation worsens with economy killing jobs

Tough life of expats in Gulf as situation worsens with economy killing jobs

Expatriates from around the World especially those from the Asian countries deeply troubled in the Gulf. They’re suffering a lot as more tough life of expats in Gulf awaits for them. The pandemic COVID-19 taught a good lesson to the people around the World. And to all those countries, who were quite when people of Kashmir were locked. People of Kashmir still in trouble but their sufferings ignored from the leaders of many countries. It’s nothing worse when you once a bread earner for your family and turning over to become beggars in Gulf. Exclusively in Dubai expats are suffering a lot.

However, countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and other Gulf countries excluding Dubai treating expats better. Almost 70% of Indian workers from the Gulf will be returning back to India sooner or later. They’ve reportedly not anymore financial support left for them to carry forward living decent lives in their own country India too. The tough life has been troubling expats from India, Pakistan and many other Asian countries in Dubai.

Recently, a man was admitted with regard to COVID-19 in the govt hospital of Dubai. Private hospitals denied taking him in for treatment. And that resulted his wife to stay on road the whole night because of lockdown. The govt hospital allowed the Muslim man in and left his wife outside under the lockdown. Govt hospital neglected the Muslim man for his needs. He was an expat and he died after horrible treatment in the govt hospital of Dubai.

Tough Life of Expats in Gulf & Sad Story

The woman took his husband to various private hospitals in Dubai when she noticed symptoms of COVID-19 to her husband. However, private hospitals denied entry to her ailing husband because they thought he was of high risk to infect others. Many other news channels created news that said he was ignored because he was an Indian. It’s not true because many expats in Dubai from around the world treated similarly. They do not have enough financial support to get treatment in good hospitals. Dubai seems to be not in a major crises of COVID-19 high risk cases. But the people for their fellow citizens of Asian countries helping many jobless persons. 

There’s everything opened in Dubai including shopping Malls etc. The expats from Asian countries used to work in Dubai but currently they’re jobless. Henceforth, they’re living in Dubai as beggars. Working people from many Asian countries helping their Asian expats without discrimination on a country-wise basis. Most of the expats in Dubai lost their jobs as they at least provided with food from working expats. Sad stories coming in from Dubai of expats but situation in other Gulf countries is better.

Dubai used to be the den for money making for most of the Indians. But now the country is no more of help. Leave aside earning in Dubai and think about sad end to the expats in the Gulf countries.  

Tough Battle of Expats Will be Spread on Large Scale

Indians including Muslims and Non Muslims used to work in Gulf countries to make money. The situation is so worse currently that no good facilities provided to the people around the world. Whole world is suffering a lot not because the people infected with COVID-19 but with hunger. Rich countries including the Western World and many Gulf and other countries still reaching out to the poor people. However, in India, the BJP govt ignored poverty and hungry people accepting any work to earn their bread.

Most of the COVID-19 patients in India too are troubled with tough life in the hospitals. Private hospitals not bothering pregnant women if they’re Muslims in particular. Pregnant Muslim women bearing a lot in India for hospitalization because of Fascism. The rapid increase of Fascism in India is a threat to the entire world. This means that India is the only country to encourage atrocities over the minorities. If this is not stopped then more tough life of expats in Gulf. And other countries about troubled Indians will be spread on a large scale only to sideline what’s happening in India.  

A Bit More…

Economy of India is poor and the joblessness increased and most of the businesses already shutdown. So, there’s no more work to find out. In this scenario the Indian media taking as much advantage as they can. People have nothing to do even after the lockdown in India. Most of the people in India have nothing good to do. And they’re either wanting to know the latest news or working on low salaries. Indian media grabbed this situation in India and that of the Gulf.

And the media creating shocking news every time only to get more views or to make their news viral. This way, they’re making money but for what? The future looks gloomy for almost all Indians excluding the rich. So, tough life for expats in Gulf matters most to the media than what’s happening in and around India. 

Television channels ignoring the situation of the quite middle class in India. The middle class even do not know how to beg for survival. And they’re surrendering themselves towards hardship. Media taking advantage from every kind of situation as more people watching Television news. This wrong notion of believing what’s told with the help of our own TV needs to be stopped. Time is not enough for us to think and do good. And we should condemn fake posts and fake news stories. Television news channels call their news as stories or scripts. This is nothing but avoidable.

Khalid M Raza

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