Why Saudi food items like Mandi, Shawarma popular in Hyderabad?

Why Saudi food items like Mandi, Shawarma popular in Hyderabad?

It’s a quick time thought from some people, who told us that Saudi food items are most popular in Hyderabad. Since a long time almost all restaurants running successfully as their menu consist of Saudi items only. One cannot figure out easily that why Saudi food items found their way in Hyderabad? And are popular since more than a decade. And Hyderabad people are no more interested in Biryani or any spicy Hyderabad food.  

Why Saudi Food Items Popular in Hyderabad?

All Saudi dishes like Mandi, Shawarma etc., are not spicy and have taste that’s not bad at all. Mandi used to be made with boiled rice. And includes less spices and have not bad taste because of big pieces of meat. Well, Hyderabad food items are more spicy and more tasty but Saudi dishes have their own popularity in Hyderabad for what and why? You can check the recipe of Saudi food items like Mandi, Shawarma, Bukhari etc., on YouTube.


The reason for Saudi food dishes to make their way into Hyderabad people’s hearts as I told you for what & why earlier. And this is because Hyderabad people not only smoke but most of them habituated to tobacco products. They chew tobacco products like Gutkha etc.. As such they also chew “pan masala” like Rajnigandha with tobacco. These tobacco products you’ll never find in the Gulf or any other country including the Western World.

Some of the countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh including India in particular make these tobacco products. Hyderabad people never bother about their health problems even though these tobacco products are very dangerous. And highly injurious to health than cigarettes.

A Bit More to Know

Hyderabad people having habituated to the tobacco products cannot consume spicy food items. This is so because their taste buds never accept spicy food items. And they cannot consume all spicy stuff because they feel pain in their mouth. And their tongue feel hotness of spiciness.

Since more than a decade Saudi dishes made their way into Hyderabad. And people of Hyderabad accepted these food items gleefully. During all times their all time favorite dishes are Saudi food dishes only. The restaurants have more inflow and footfalls because they provide Saudi food. And these Saudi dishes are less spicy and can be consumed easily without any mouth pain. The reason is the starting stage of mouth cancer.

And Hyderabad people suffer from mouth ulcer as the starting stage of mouth cancer. And they cannot consume spicy food. However, Hyderabad has become famous Saudi fast food hub in India and many foreign students also like these Saudi dishes. It’s recommended that people of Hyderabad need to give up tobacco for their own good.

Khalid M Raza

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