Narendra Modi not to resign as reports claim he is not fit enough as PM

Narendra Modi not to resign as reports claim he is not fit enough as PM

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Pary) dismissed reports from YouTube that claim Narendra Modi’s resination soon. However, PM Narendra Modi not to resign. But further reports mentioned that Modi is not fit enough as India’s PM. “He has done so much hard work to grab the position of India’s premier that there are no chances”. Say some experts upon the reports coming in.

They also indicated that there should be fair governance in India for the progress and prosperity of all Indians. It was also learned a couple of months back that Amit Shah was about to resign. But things are not so cozy for the people. And for the benefit of the poor people in India.  

The Middle Class already in trouble and the poverty on peak and the rich are fearless as Narendra Modi not to resign. This is so because Narendra Modi played his role much harder and did all the politics or you can call dirty politics only to benefit himself alone. So, there is no chance for him to step down. He’s not looking at his failures. He wants to keep himself at a higher position even if threats from China indicated his coward behavior.

He has a long way to go. Only people of India in majority can pull BJP govt down and bring another govt. This means people of India’s movement might likely to start from next year and in 2022, the BJP will fall. There’s a fall for every rise. And this fall will benefit India a lot.

Khalid M Raza

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