Remember death as Divya Bharti used to drink and died young

Remember death as Divya Bharti used to drink and died young

Every soul will taste death sooner or later and he or she never knows when his or her death approaches. Do not drink guys even if you’re depressed because you know Divya Bharti used to drink. And even though she used to drink, she was in depression. It makes sense to remember death more often than not. People die because their death already written for them and they never know.

Many people from COVID-19 recovering throughout the world and also some people left us already. And more people will die and with some other disease or with accidents. Or without any reason. Remember death for it’s inevitable and do good deeds.  

Avoid consuming alcohol even in little quantities as it can make you drink more and your life will be not respectful. You can help the poor people with that amount of money that you spend over consuming alcohol. Is it not right that we should avoid things that aren’t allowed for us. And live a life with only good deeds. Speak truth and support the truth to find a suitable religion for worshiping the Almighty.

Islam is full of benefits and you’ll be in peace if you follow Islam. Do not follow to what Muslims do but follow Islam in the the religion teaches us. Muslims might be corrupt and might be the liars but Islam teaches only good. Remember death as what happened to Sushant Singh Rajput recently. His death was written and he died.

A large percentage of people attempt suicide. And still saved from death because their death never written at that time whenever they want it to. Many people or even kids saved when a building collapses or left with minor injuries when they fall from higher heights.

Khalid M Raza

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