Telangana State COVID 19 cases rises after Alcohol allowed for sale

Telangana State COVID 19 cases rises after Alcohol allowed for sale

Nearly 200 people died of COVID 19 while as many as 7000 infected with the infectious disease. Most of the patients are critical as recovery rate is lower in Telangana State. The Telangana State COVID 19 cases are much more than described above here. This is according to the information we learned. But when we learned more. We found that over 50 thousand cases and 1000 more deaths occurred since alcohol allowed for sale.  

It’s horrible to know that weak procedure or reports not noted for releasing accurate data of COVID 19 in TS. Telangana State COVID 19 patients taken up for admission in the hospital when they themselves find symptoms. It’s fine. But their family information not recorded or the family members not given quarantine. Experts say that every person infected with COVID 19 involves his or her family members to be quarantined. This can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  

Alcohol is freely available in Telangana State (TS) since more than a month. People addicted to alcohol making their way to their “spots” and with gathering consuming alcohol to enjoy more. The “spots” are someone’s home. One of the friend group’s friend allows his home for alcohol parties. So, there’s no social distancing. In every 200 TS people, there’s at least a group of 5 or more people. And they’re taking social distancing lightly. This menace should be stopped. If this continues then Telangana State COVID 19 cases will rise too much. Better to ban alcohol. Time to take strict action too over the reporters of COVID 19 cases.

Khalid M Raza

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