Hyderabad lockdown never helps as people need to follow guidelines

Hyderabad lockdown never helps as people need to follow guidelines

Experts believe that the “unlock” in Hyderabad needs to continue with proper care over personal hygiene. Hyderabad lockdown might not be suitable at this times even though the number of deaths due to COVID 19 increased. And cases of COVID 19 determined to be more (percentage wise) when calculated with number of tests done. Situation is worse. And people need to listen to the guidelines shown to them rather than pushed towards another Hyderabad lockdown.  

Hyderabad is reeling under fear of COVID 19 victims since couple of weeks. The KCR govt expressed deep concerns. KCR also sought advise from medical experts for yet another lockdown for entire TS. However, the times are so tricky that people will not refrain from what they’re doing. They’re in a typical situation as most of the people using the masks without disposing or washing whenever they return homes. Two things needs to be maintain on priority. The first thing is washing hands frequently or whenever required. Next best thing is changing the masks every time we go out or wash the masks before going out.

This infectious disease is a hidden enemy and Hyderabad people in particular needs to fight it out. People from other places in TS following guidelines while Hyderabad people are wary of. Hyderabad lockdown might not help unless there’s a shoot at sight order. Experts also said that hospital beds are insufficient currently for the victims of this pandemic.

A lockdown will stop people from running their businesses, and in this way, it’s debatable. Further, if required it’s possible that Chief Minister of Telangana State KCR will impose lockdown within 3-4 day for 2 weeks. And then the worry is he’ll have to extend it further. So, it’s not likely that Hyderabad will be under another lockdown.

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