Why COVID 19 risking mental health of youngsters to great extent?

Why COVID 19 risking mental health of youngsters to great extent?

The pandemic almost completed 8 months of its existence. And it will continue for more number of months to create more economic and joblessness crises in all countries. Foreign workers in almost all the countries facing the heat of losing jobs. COVID19 risking mental health of young generation to such an extent that young people attempting even suicides. Many precious lives lost due to this pandemic.

Troubled people are more from the young generation. United States seized the benefits of student life as another setback to the young generation. It was learned that students in USA will be deported soon.

Young people also in huge trouble with their businesses having no growth or foot falls. Most of the businesses already closed due to this pandemic. Every year thousands of students from various developing countries including India throng to USA, and UK. UK already in the year 2011 shut the door for foreign students to benefit with permanent residencies (PR).

Post study work also cancelled. Now Kuwait also taken initiatives to deport foreign workers as USA cancelled H1 B visa and benefits to foreign students. Foreign students in the USA pay their university fee on their own by working for hours. Even dependents of the students work for a great life in the USA. USA is dream country to live as citizens for the people of developing countries.


How COVID19 Risking Mental Health of Youngsters? 

Youngsters used to be growing with their intention to achieve a lot more and are working hard. Their work as students in foreign countries and as businesspersons in their own motherlands not allowing them to earn more. They’re finding tough situation during this Pandemic and are vulnerable to harm their lives with mental stress.

COVID19 risking mental health of youngsters and with the present govt policies. Govt policies need to be implemented in such a way that youngsters should’ve some respite. If COVID19 threatens for two more years over precautions after precautions then youngsters’ dreams will be shattered. How can they study or find jobs if situation betters not?

Things are so worse that people still moving out on roads to hunt for jobs for their survival. Laborers and daily wage workers resumed their work while the middle class worst affected with the pandemic. Governments of all the countries should step in to provide jobs to youngsters with their out of the box capabilities. Students thinking whether to complete their studies or do some online work to benefit their family members. This is a concern because as many fathers of the as many students losing jobs one by one.

The World is busy in the treatment of COVID19 but do the World realize that young generation needs more. COVID19 risking mental health of young generation. And it will be good if the youth never ignored. The youth builds nations and the youth have most important roles to play. Let’s find a way to please the youngsters otherwise it will be too late.

Khalid M Raza

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