Thursday, September 28, 2023
Vegetarians criticize animal sacrifice in India without valid reasons

Vegetarians criticize animal sacrifice in India without valid reasons

Vegetarians criticizing the sacrifice of animals, which makes no sense as Eid-ul-Azha will be carried on in India. And around the World. The word “sacrifice” creates panic in the minds of disbelievers. They never know that slaughter houses in India do always operate everyday. Large number of beef and other meat exported to various countries. But, whenever Eid-ul-Azha comes they keep saying that Animals have the right to live too.

The rule of the law of nature speaks volumes over these issues that do happen every year. Every living being has the right to consume veg and non veg as much as they would like to.

The vegetables also come from various living beings in the form of tomatoes, eggplant, potato, etc. The question to the vegetarians is simple that: “Do they agree over plants and trees as living beings? If that’s so or not then why don’t they keep the tigers, lions and other animals from consuming weaker animals. They should raise a voice for creating awareness throughout the world for this issue too.

A deaf, dumb, and blind person when killed then the killer would be punished or not for the crime? You’ll say “yes”. So, a plant or a tree is deaf, dumb, and blind living being; and the vegetarians kill them. They cook vegetables and eat without bothering too much. That’s why please do follow what you want to and let others live peacefully.

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This might not change your minds because in another year, you’ll come with another question to blame Muslims. Jealousy never ends and in 2021 also you’ll do the same as you’re doing now. By the way, look at this Swami below, who is drinking cow blood. However, all the temples that belong to Hindus sacrifice animals by slicing the throat with axes.

This menace never stops and it goes on and on. The media never shows these issues, which might not benefit them with huge profits. Also they’ll fall in a trap and had to stop blaming Muslims. If they don’t blame Muslims then how would they earn huge money?

Khalid M Raza

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