Saturday, December 9, 2023
COVID19 continues to shut businesses as price inflation worry Indians

COVID19 continues to shut businesses as price inflation worry Indians

Prices of all commodities including fuel not at all spared in India. The rise of prices in India is alarming as people live under the impact of the pandemic. COVID19 continues to hurt businesses as most of the businesses running on losses. Many food businesses like restaurants have no footfalls. People have no other option as COVID19 continues to grip everyone around India.

The more precautions people taking the more rise of prices seen. Rising of prices in India is so much troubling that people couldn’t able to get their health treatments in private hospitals. People suffering from various other illness also worry that if they visit hospitals then they would be victimized of COVID19.

This pandemic COVID19 has much to do with rise of prices as the govt in India should not create panic. Panic already witnessed in India with over 50,000 daily COVID19 cases since couple of weeks. This added further worries to put people locked at homes. However, normal life starting to spread across in with the overall unlock situation. People have no option but to travel to find their bread and butter. Poverty is rising in India at an alarming rate.

Middle class Indians have no option left to combat with the poor economic situation. There’s no similar situation in other countries as in India because people have troubled lives with COVID19 continuity.

COVID19 Continues To Trouble Indians

Rich people in India also less bothered to help the poor in this worrying situation of COVID19. What’s more worrying is the losses in businesses to middle class businesspersons. This situation is worse for the restaurant owners and the people, who live on rented homes. Most worrying situation is people charged with hefty fees in Indian hospitals for any health treatment. Further, when they get discharged from the hospitals they need time to recover at their homes. In this process, they’ve to spend more money on expensive medicines too.

COVID19 continues to trouble Indians as people hesitate to go out or meet their relatives. However, some people are careless as they’re fed-up with govt policies as COVID19 continues to control their lifestyles. Thereafter, they become victims of the infectious disease and end up admitted in hospitals. The hospitals charging more fees and taking less proper care and doing poor treatments. Reason for the hefty fees in hospitals around India still not clarified. The govt needs to step up and control this situation, which’s becoming worse. Hospitals charging more fees is worrisome.

Rise of prices needs to be controlled otherwise poverty will be another disease as another outbreak in India.


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