COVID-19 positive cases recovered to test negative can get it again

COVID-19 positive cases recovered to test negative can get it again

COVID-19 is still new to be learned more about it and experts discovering surprising results every time. COVID-19 positive cases recovered to “test negative” have no guarantee that the virus will not come again. Coronavirus or COVID-19 can come again. So, those who were infected before and tested negative as a “recovery” might need to take precautions more. Based on the reports that many people, who do not develop antibodies in enough amount might get infected again. Courage for prevention with necessary precautions is the best medicine to fight against pandemic.

One can’t ignore the fact that COVID-19 positive cases increasing in large numbers everyday in India. The pandemic is on a peak level in India since a month. India now enjoys an average of 62000 COVID-19 positive cases per day. Daily deaths are marginally below 1000 per day and a total number of active cases stand at 704694. This is according to the data released to . Further, the death rate increased to 43 deaths per 1 million population. 24,67,220 Coronavirus recovered cases in India since the pandemic hit the country have still some guidelines to follow.

The rate at which COVID-19 positive cases increasing in India is alarming and of major concern. It’s better to remain at homes than moving out around for attending any gatherings even after the recovery. It’s simple to follow the basics and be agile in practicing social distancing. There will be mild symptoms to those reinfected with COVID-19. And if they do not do their checkups then it would be futile in a marginally longtime.

Khalid M Raza

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