Donald Trump up nationally as Joe Biden marginally at low

Donald Trump up nationally as Joe Biden marginally at low

The Trafalgar Group quoted: “Superior strategy, innovative tactics, and bold leadership can prevail even over larger numbers & greater resources”. The survey believes to keep Donald Trump up nationally and on the battlefield. Donald Trump up nationally kept mocking Joe Biden as he repeatedly highlighting Joe Biden as “sleepy”. Since more than couple of months, Trump mocking Joe Biden to encourage his followers to think Joe Biden as “sleepy”.

He also mocked continuously over COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”. And no doubt that Donald Trump is desperate to win the elections. And it’s crystal clear that he would do anything for winning elections and even hide his mismanagement of COVID-19. In doing so, he calls the pandemic as “Chinese virus”.

“To me the big news is that Trump was up 2.7% in Michigan right before the democratic convention. Maybe Trump will be up again around 3%”. President Donald Trump of USA retweeted. Further, he claimed: “Democracy Institute shows Trump up nationally and in battlegrounds”.

Well, only time will show the results that are expected to hand over a marginal win to Joe Biden. Anything can happen. Wait and watch. If Trump wins again then the USA would see his daughter Ivanka Trump as the Vice President. Jokes apart, but Indian origin Kamala Harris wouldn’t be the Vice President of USA. Keep this in mind.

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Let’s see who wins?

Khalid M Raza

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