Narendra Modi spoke on school education for 21st century

Narendra Modi spoke on school education for 21st century

Went on to speak today, PM Narendra Modi clarified the doubts over school education regardless of COVID-19 pandemic. Narendra Modi spoke on school education to uplift the young generation from disasters. He also appreciated the efforts since 5 decades for school education for the 21st century. He told that the strategy to maintain school education is very important. And all participants in his today’s program should agree to what he says.

His voice was lower and very polite as it seems, he’s shocked over the crises of economy & GDP. Why would he care for the development and progress of India? He’s just a failure and uneducated PM of India. He never knows how to lead the country from the front.

Now the Tool is School Education?

PM Narendra Modi spoke on school education for bringing up his followers to applaud him more. And appreciate him even if he’s a failure. Now, he took another tool to come in front of his followers. This tool is school education. It means that he wants to speak about school education more than the jobless youth. “There are so many schools in India that provide quality education. Early childhood care and better play school facilities will be provided even to the poor people of the villages”. Modi said. He also used some examples and stressed over learn to read to shift towards read to learn.

“You can provide children learn more and be polite with them. Can you ask a child that how many friends, he has. And how quickly he can take the names of his friends and more”. Said Narendra Modi citing another example of an important personality. “Ishwarchand Vidyasagar was 8 year old when he wasn’t able to read what’s the basics of English like 1,2,3”. He further said that Ishwarchand Vidyasagar learned 1 to 100 on the way, where he was taught while travelling.

Narendra Modi Spoke on School Education for What?

It looked as if PM Narendra Modi not only speaking on school education but more about himself. That’s all he can do without doubt he’s pretending as a philanthropist, philosopher and much more. But, he won’t care about where India is heading towards. Ignoring joblessness, China, economy, GDP, PM Narendra Modi speaks on school education, only to divert the attention of the people. Further, he spoke as if he’s narrating a story to calm down an angry person from attacking him. He knows cleverly how to fool the people of India in any which way.

Following his speech, most of the people reacted against his story tales. They said they want jobs and they want the factual news from any medium including television. However, Television media hides what to highlights and highlights what to hide. It’s fine if crimes like suicides and rapes under BJP gov’t is hidden. But people should know the big developments & latest happenings rather than stretching minor things to highlight more for the support of BJP.

Narendra Modi spoke on school education in such a way that people should understand what they already know. That’s not yet required because this speech could’ve been taken place in the early 2014. Today, people need jobs and their livelihood. Rich ignoring the poor people as the poor becoming the poorest. And the middle class turning towards nowhere with joblessness rise. The BJP gov’t is responsible to take care of the poor people. But PM Modi won’t do that because he can get votes from the helpless and the rich people.

Helpless people will be promised for a better life. And rich will cherish on the divide and rule strategy of the BJP.

Khalid M Raza

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