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GHMC Elections after Telangana formation of 5 year term expires

GHMC Elections after Telangana formation of 5 year term expires

The first Ordinary Elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) after formation of Telangana State were held in the month of February, 2016.  Its five years term will expire on 10.02.2021. The State Election Commissioner convened a review meeting on preparedness of the forthcoming GHMC Elections.

Sri D S Lokesh Kumar, IAS, Commissioner & EA, GHMC, Sri Jyothi Buddha Prakash, IAS, Addl. CEO, GAD (Elections). Also, Senior officials of GHMC and TSEC Officials in the meeting hall of Telangana-State-Election-Commission were seen.

Hon’ble State Election-Commissioner while addressing the meeting emphasized the issues. And challenges have to be faced in conduct of ensuing elections to GHMC with the GHMC officials. Also, with following

Pre-election activities: GHMC Elections

Ø  Discussed pre-election activities involve inter linked stages in a relay pattern between the Government/GHMC and State Election Commission.

Ø  Directed to make a plan of action to train the GHMC officials’ right from Zonal to Circle level to acquaint software applications in the T-Poll application, developed by the CGG for preparation and publication of Electoral Rolls, randomization of polling and counting personnel and election process etc.

Ø  It should be aimed at using maximum technology (ICT) for expeditious, error free. Also transparent election processes with the help of CGG team, including certain innovations like Face Recognition Software. And other pilots, after thorough scrutiny.

Ø  In the earlier GHMC elections 2016, the poll percent reported as 45.29%. To improve the poll percentage the Commissioner directed to prepare an action plan. And organize intensive Voters’ Awareness Campaigns for improving the voter percentage. This involving NGOs, RWAs and other civil society organizations.

Ø  Precautionary guidelines to be followed during election in view of COVID-19 pandemic on par with the guidelines issued by ECI for the ensuing GHMC elections.

Ø  In view of COVID-19 pandemic, elaborate discussion were made whether to hold elections by using EVMs or Ballot Boxes in ensuing elections. Decision has to be taken.

Ø  It is decided to fix 800 voter strength per polling station in the context of Covid-19

Ø  Advised to take the Advance action to be initiated for accessing and obtaining the employees information in advance from GHMC area as well as surrounding Districts, so as to draft them as polling personnel and also for building the employee database.

Ø  Decided to have a meeting in the 2nd week of October, 2020 with Zonal Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners on preparedness and to chalk out a plan of action to be taken for GHMC Elections.

Ø  Requested Additional CEO to issue instructions to the District Collectors & District Election Officers and EROs concerned that, for quick disposal of inclusions, deletions and transpositions, if any, ordered by the EROs concerned under continuous updating in the Assembly Electoral Rolls till issue of election notification by the State Election Commission.

Report: SP Service

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