Friday, December 1, 2023
UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal al Qasimi opens thread of life

UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal al Qasimi opens thread of life

The UAE Princess removed her profile picture from the social media. However, she’s more keen to spread her thoughts to her followers in a better way now. UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal al Qasimi tweeted: “You must be prepared to give up the life you have for the life you want”. Both these thoughts of her were in English and Arabic in her single tweet. Her followers also responded well.

One replied: “Good morning great Princess”. Next goes like this: “Deep words”. Another one from Mohammad Riyaz was better as he replied: “Humans wants are many and the world is materialistic. What is the objective of our birth? Think about this.

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An Indian follower also replied to UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal al Qasimi: “Really madam. Life is very difficult in India and there’s lot of poverty”. The lady was so much in deep thoughts since recent blasts in Beirut and many atrocities of Muslims in India addressed. She always kept in her mind that every human being should be taken care of irrespective of caste or religion.

All human beings have equal rights and so why Muslims suffering? She asked these type of similar questions in her earlier tweets on Twitter.

The UAE Princess opened a thread of life today. And it would be worth if she continues to tweet like this. And allows her followers towards believing in equal rights for all.

Khalid M Raza

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