Missing child since 5 years traces Telangana Police as parents shocked

Missing child since 5 years traces Telangana Police as parents shocked

It’s done and it was good work of Telangana police to trace a missing child since 5 years. TS police with the help of Face Recognition Tool (DARPAN) succesfullly traced a boy by name Som Soni S/o Ghanshyam Soni, Resident of Handia, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. MISSING CHILD TRACED AFTER 5 YEARS WITH THE HELP OF “DARPAN” FACIAL RECOGNITION TOOL OF TELANAGANA POLICE.

The face recognition tool was also developed as a requirement of Telangana police. The boy, who was missing from his home since 14-07-2015 has been traced at a Child Home of CWC at Goalpara, Assam.

On 23-07-2015, the missing boy was spotted by Golapara Police of Assam State and was admitted into the local Child Welfare Centre. Telangana state police while using the Face Recognition Tool (DARPAN) to match Missing Children’s photographs. Police did a great job. And matched the kid’s photo with children found at various child homes across the country.

They, detected the boy, matching his photos with them. Immediately, TS police informed the same to concerned SHO of Handia PS, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Soon they informed the parents of the missing child. Parents are glad to see their healthy and a bit grown up child.

This is the first incidence, using advance technology to find this missing child, who was away from his parents for five years. Parents were shocked to see their child at first instance.

The parents immediately rushed to the concerned CWC and identified their kid. Telangana State Police played a major role in reuniting the missing child with their parents after 5 years. Efforts are on since a longtime to trace as many missing children across India as possible. The use of Face Recognition Tool “Darpan” of the Telangana Police helped a lot.

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