Kamala Harris optimistic for Joe Biden as Donald Trump holds white house

Kamala Harris optimistic for Joe Biden as Donald Trump holds white house

The United States Presidential elections not concluded yet it seems, as Donald Trump unwilling to leave. He’s stuck in the white house. However, Kamala Harris optimistic for Joe Biden as his Vice President elect. Well, the game is still on. Donald Trump announced his victory even before the elections took place on Nov 3. Defiant Donald Trump says votes were rigged just too much in 2020 in the history of United States for the first time. This attitude and “false claims” puts pressure on Joe Biden. He did a big mistake of disclosing what he plans to do.

Earlier, Kamala Harris optimistic for Joe Biden tweeted: “We just held an election. And our country made a clear choice: each vote for @JoeBiden was a statement that health care should be the right. Not a privilege. And we won the election decisively. And with more votes than have ever been cast in American history”.

Income after income to pour in for the people of America if Joe Biden wins because of his statements put together. However, he failed to impress a large section of people including those, who want jobs to their own countrypersons. Having said, it’s time to relax and wait for what positives Donald Trump can bring in his second term or Joe Biden in his first? Choice is clear that the question if raised then the court will decide who will be the President of United States? There’s a possibility of Trump coming back even though Kamala Harris optimistic for Joe Biden. And for her own Vice President seat.

United States not going to benefit any country if Joe Biden loses out. Donald Trump can be pushed to leave the white house. Only time will tell.

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