Narendra Modi to provide jobs to Bihar people for independency

Narendra Modi to provide jobs to Bihar people for independency

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to provide jobs to Bihar people after BJP’s thumping victory in the region. This is a region wise employment scheme and should be noted for further help from the PM of India. People of Bihar happy to get jobs in various fields. The following is the quote from the Prime Minister of India:

Today’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat Package continues our efforts to help all sections of society. These initiatives will help in creating jobs, alleviate stressed sectors, ensure liquidity, boost manufacturing, energize real-estate sector & support farmers.

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Do people of India remember that how many promises BJP fulfilled for them? Yes, they did. The first cheerful promise fulfilled for some people of India, is the abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir. And then the lockdown in Kashmir. Also no work and school, college facilities, which made some people proud of Narendra Modi. Curfew in Kashmir started after Aug 5 2019.

Then BJP had come with construction of Ram Temple and more than little BJP kept on arresting innocent people. Modi followers are happy as the loss of lives never hurts them even if combined with loss of jobs.

Knowingly, PM Narendra Modi played his card again. And this time Narendra Modi to provide jobs to Bihar people. And more such promises of troubling innocents fulfilled after everyone ignored the promise of Rupees 15 lakh to be deposited in their accounts. Why not? Some Indians want entertainment and listen not to the facts.

They believe whatever BJP leaders say. They’ll be satisfied to sleep hungry if their enemies are hungry too. No humanitarian efforts or for the growth of the nation carried out so far from the BJP gov’t. Wait and see Bihar, you’ll know more in about 6 months.

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