Donald Trump learns Dems won rigged election with evidences?

Donald Trump learns Dems won rigged election with evidences?

“…And with these numbers, by far the highest for a sitting President, there was no way the Dems could have won, except through what we’re learning now – A Rigged Election!”. Claimed Donald Trump. Donald Trump learns Dems won rigged election when there’s a dispute over US elections not considered rigged. Election body confirms that voting was fair enough to elect Dems. And President elect Joe Biden will not make any way for Donald Trump to sit on US President’s seat.

Also Donald Trump furiously claimed that: “Voter Fraud in Detroit is rampant, and has been for many years!”. The followers of Trump reacted sensibly while some of them mocked at him. Trump also inserted “The New York Times” link, in which it was disclosed: “President Trump received 10.1 Million more votes across the United States, than he received four years ago. Also including in areas with a majority of Hispanic voters”.

Responses were too many against Trump but look at this one:

“10.1 Million more votes but Biden still won with more votes than you. You lost because, you’re despised. You’re a vile, pitiful excuse for a human being. At home & across the globe, you’re mocked, and laughed…”.


Still Donald Trump learns Dems won rigged election. And he keeps on learning as we will join you again with another interesting news post. Thanks a lot.

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