Sales dropped after Diwali in India as other countries concern too

Sales dropped after Diwali in India as other countries concern too

Sales dropped in major countries including India after Diwali. The rise of the sales dropping in India exactly happened post Diwali. During Diwali, there was huge sales across the country. However, there’s an alarming rise of COVID-19 cases throughout the world including USA and Europe. This gives rise to the drop of sales even in the UAE, and major countries. The major countries have started lockdown as indefinite. UK is the first to impose lockdown throughout the nation. While some of the major countries like USA resorting to testing more people for COVID-19.

There’s a huge spike in COVID-19 cases in the USA and death toll also increased. Second wave of COVID-19 is not so dangerous because of the coming in of vaccines. However, people are requested to take good care and follow social distancing and also they should wear masks when going out. Do not bother to meet your relatives or friends. Online shopping is handy. And people need to shop online to avoid stepping out of their homes.

Sales dropped is a major concern for India as the economy is already depleting. Horrible phase until the end of this year might be over during Christmas in India and other countries. A large population of India, celebrate Christmas as this could increase the sales in India. Sales will increase from Dec 20 onwards in India as expected optimistically. It was reported.

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