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GHMC exit polls in Hyderabad favor AIMIM despite Bihar blame

GHMC exit polls in Hyderabad favor AIMIM despite Bihar blame

People of all religions, have started learning more about AIMIM. What they’ve done and how Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi wants to protect the constitution? And so on. GHMC exit polls favor AIMIM because there’s a sense of urgency in minds of the people of various localities. The mindset in Musheerabad is different than many other areas of Hyderabad.

Exit polls as calculated much before the voting on Dec 1 suggest that AIMIM still have reasons to smile. Marginally, AIMIM is up. And determined too.

People of various casts looking forward towards AIMIM. They’ve learned a lot about AIMIM after or post Bihar elections. Critics say, AIMIM is a “B Team” to BJP. It’s not too much bothers Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi. And this is so because he’s not going anywhere to become PM of India. He wants to remain as MP of Hyderabad. And he never ignores all that’s said about him. He keeps learning. AIMIM will remain as undefeated in many areas of Hyderabad again.

GHMC Exit Polls Standings:

The Election Commission released the final list of candidates, where it was learned to calculate exit polls.

The candidates contesting in GHMC Elections from various parties are:

  • AIMIM fielding 51 candidates… (80% of winning seats: Exit Polls)
  • TRS fielding for 150 constituencies… (Exit polls N/A)
  • Congress for 146 constituencies… (Exit polls N/A)
  • BJP for 149 constituencies… (Exit Polls N/A)
  • TDP for 106 constituencies… (Exit Polls N/A)
  • CPI 17… (N/A)
  • CPM 12… (N/A)
  • State Level Registered parties 76 candidates… (N/A)

and 415 Independent candidates to contest.

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