India still at 600 deaths per day on average due to COVID-19

India still at 600 deaths per day on average due to COVID-19

India will face another unexpected severe wave of Covid-19 infections as people least bothered about social distancing. Indians travelling around the streets, having tea and snacks at restaurants and even going to religious places for worshiping. They’re focused over their preferences rather than taking good care. Birthday parties, marriage parties are going on without taking proper care. It’s a precarious situation as most of the people believe that Covid-19 has finished. And it’s no more. However, India still at 600 deaths per day on an average.

This includes some people in high risk places in India have more unofficial COVID cases. The COVID data recorded on the basis of hospitals, which provide information and not confirmed reports. It’s high time Indians should realize that every Indian have to taste vaccine if this goes as it’s going on. However, vaccination of entire India will not be possible. Covid-19 will be eliminated in India at the end of 2022.

It’s still surprising that without proper care people going out such as not wearing of masks. Another lockdown in India will be a great setback. And so it’s advised to be safe and remain safe. Nothing is better than avoiding an infection from COVID-19. India has crossed over 1 Crore Covid-19 infections. And about 1,50,000 deaths.

If this report is true then everything is fair to keep ourselves away from the pandemic. India still at 600 deaths per day. And this is serious.

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