Majority in India are farmers to make India great this time

Majority in India are farmers to make India great this time

Agriculture sector is the backbone of India, which makes account towards 20% of India’s GDP. The gov’t not listening to the demands of the farmers is again a setback to India since 2014. Farmers have issues with earlier gov’ts too but BJP troubling them more. Majority in India benefits from farmers. It’s simple that when as majority, Indians have to make an effort to make India great. Majority in India are farmers to make India great because of their contribution to India’s GDP.

“We do lot of hard work and we’re letdown why?”. Still say farmers despite Indian media reports that the gov’t agreed to review the demands of farmers. The main demand, which was not accepted still for review has been hurting the majority in India.

This demand is to give equal rights. The pricing should be good to benefit all. Correct prices to sell for every farmers is the main issue. Farmers want they should be given their dues. So many suicides of farmers since a decade hasn’t did any good for them. They do not want their children to become farmers because of so many difficulties they’ve to go through. Gov’t should agree to all their demands else it would be tough for the farmers to make India great.

Since 6-7 years the “Chamda” (Goat skin) price reduced from about Rupees 200 to about Rupees 30. Muslims never objected to this cheap policy, which benefits Muslims on large scale as poor Muslims make their living by selling goat skins.

There might be so many reasons for the farmers to commit suicides since a longtime. But, they’ve come forward to fight or protest. They will never leave their protests if gov’t do not accept their demands. Majority in India are farmers to make India great.

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