Indians switching to Student Visas in fear of deportation from USA

Indians switching to Student Visas in fear of deportation from USA

Fear of deportation keeps Indians in tight corner and even to those dependents of H1B Visa holders. At age 21, dependent age of the children of H1B Visa holders ends. And therefrom they need to either return India or apply for student visas to stay legally in the USA. In precarious situations, defiant Indians want to stay in the USA as illegals and never mind doing odd jobs. Existing rules explain that NRI children are tied to H1B visa holders until the age of 21. They’re H4 Visa holders until age 21. However, most of the Indians switching to student Visas in fear of deportation.

United States of America (USA) currently is not in a situation to deport Indians. But, many countries in Asia are in the process of deportation. Indians switching to student Visas while they’ve enough money to spend over their further studies to stay in USA. The tough situation is for those, who went to USA on student Visas after 2017. And the H1B Visa holders since a longtime have issues for their children, who have recently turned to age 21.

Also most of the Indians applied for green card even 10 years back, still waiting for the elite green card. The green card allows people from other countries to work in USA and earn handsomely. There’s no other option for NRIs staying in USA than to switch over to student Visas in order to work. Many NRIs in USA say that it would be a stressful life if they return back to India. Hence, they’re worried while USA will no more legalize anyone from India to have legal status other than students.

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