Joe Biden concerned over 500,000 lives lost to Pandemic

Joe Biden concerned over 500,000 lives lost to Pandemic

Joe Biden said he has more concern over the loss of lives in the United States of America. “500,000 lives lost to Covid-19. It’s an unfathomable number, but each one represents a family that will never again be whole. To those, who have lost loved ones: I know no words can numb the pain, but I hope you find some solace in knowing the nation grieves with you”. A sad tweet from Joe Biden indicates how deadly the pandemic is. Yes, it’s good to know that Joe Biden concerned over 500,000 lives lost due to the Pandemic till date.

However, Americans replied to him to let him know that they’re with him. One of them tweeted: “A tragic number, but so great to hear genuine compassion after a 4-year drought”.

This refers to the tenure of Donald trump.

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Another tweeted replying to Joe Biden that: “If we gave just one second of silence for each of our COVID deaths, it would take five days and eighteen hours straight, no breaks. We aren’t done with this yet, wear a mask”. Yet another comforts the Biden tweet, and another and so on. It was tweeted as a reply too. “Thank you for your words, empathy and sympathy. It could be felt across our televisions and in our hearts President Biden”.

We’ve learned a lot from the tweet thread of Joe Biden: “You are the leader we need in this solemn moment: A man, who knows of what he speaks. Thank you for your words marking this somber day”. Another replied this way.

It’s very sad for the Americans to see their loved ones leave the world in circumstances, but proper care would have saved them. America is the great nation and yet it’s also in dilemma. Had the Trump administration did some good then these days, where America stands, would have been much better. The reason is American former President was least bothered over the spread of the pandemic. Well, that’s what we could say as Joe Biden concerned over 500,000 lives lost.

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