WHO Approved vaccines for your information, prices and more

WHO Approved vaccines for your information, prices and more

These following vaccines can be helpful to you. At the end you need to take one from the list or the one recommended in your country. WHO approved vaccines are the ones, we want you to go for, irrespective of what your gov’t in your country provides you. However, many countries around the World trust their own vaccines. And without any intent of importing vaccines from some other country. They keep on informing you that the vaccines made in India for example have more benefits. In this regard, we’ve come forward for you with the approved vaccines with their pricing as well.

  1. AstraZeneca ($5)
  2. Pfizer ($14)
  3. Gamaleya ($6)
  4. Moderna ($31)
  5. Sinopharm with Beijing Institute ($62)

These above 5 approved vaccines vary in costs. The 5 vaccines mentioned are approved by or authorized by WHO or stringent regulatory body. Pfizer has 95% efficacy in Phase 3 trials while rest of the 4 vaccines also have good efficacy. It’s good to know about the 5 vaccines and their prices. All these five vaccines come with two doses. If you look forward to buy Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or anyone of the five mentioned above, do try your luck. This is so because we’ve given the information and that’s not enough to purchase vaccines online. However, seems like possible in future.

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Info: Dr. Faheem Younus MD, Maryland, USA

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