Imran Khan not misusing his leadership to Put Pakistanis on top levels

Imran Khan not misusing his leadership to Put Pakistanis on top levels

Imran Khan not misusing his leadership to Put Pakistanis on top levels

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is suffering from COVID-19 along with his Wife. It’s time to bring a positive report over his role as a leader of Pakistan. And all appreciative decisions he has so far done. It’s good that Imran Khan not misusing his leadership and doing his job honestly. A lesson many leaders across the World to learn from. 

Here you might have too many questions like: 

  1. Why Imran Khan only bothered about Sri Lankan Muslims not other Muslims… 
  2. And Why he ignored atrocities to Uighur Muslims in China… 
  3. He also never raised his voice against Switzerland and accused Israel… 
  4. He wants all Pakistanis not to visit Israel until Palestine becomes independent… etc. 

Hatred, Mockery, Fake News, Violence, Rapes, and horrible crimes are encouraged in India, which is the reason for India’s downfall. Let’s hope that India learns and shines again.

Explanation: Must Read…

I can take all the above 4 questions as issues and explain you. 1. Previous leaders of Pakistan were corrupt. Yes, you can compare those leaders with India’s PM Modi. Yet General Zia Ul Huq was honest and not to mention about Jinnah’s role. PM Narendra Modi used fascist policy along with divide and rule and also kept abusing Pakistan in order to win voters.

However, he has become powerful only to attack Indian Muslims and people of Kashmir while increasing joblessness in India along with rise of poverty. Let’s talk about Pakistan more because most of the Pakistanis are currently praying for speedy recovery of their PM. 

Imran Khan have good relations with Sri Lanka and with his authority he can only support Sri Lankan minorities and people of Kashmir, etc. This is so because Imran Khan is taking good care of the minorities in Pakistan. There are 57 Muslim countries in the World and they keep a blind eye over torture and abuse of Muslims around the World. So, Mr. Khan is doing things step by step. Yes, Imran Khan not misusing his leadership to put Pakistanis on top levels.  

Earlier, he told that Pakistan will witness a change every year. And he’s not moving back from what he claimed. Wait and watch. 

2 Uighur Muslims’ problem should be taken care by the world bodies including all Muslim countries. If Imran Khan can do this easily to stop atrocities over Uighur Muslims in China then he would do soon. His first step is to make Kashmir people safe from the atrocities of Indian armed forces. Secondly he’s against Israel too. 

Some More…

Mr. Khan is fond of creating jobs in Pakistan and make Pakistan a better place for Pakistan’s minorities. While in India, it’s the opposite. A well known cricketer in Pakistan turned himself as truck driver to earn more money because of corruption in Pakistan during Nawaz Sharif’s leadership. Nawaz Sharif also very well involved for his move to lose Kargil battle to make Indian media shout at Pakistan, which was fake reporting.

Also Mumbai attack was an inside one to kill Hemanth Karkare. And Indian media spoke lies showing live telecast of the scenes. However, India also produced Ajmal Kasab as a prime accused to create a story based to blame Pakistan. This blame games will not last for longtime. India was in good hands only during Manmohan Singh’s leadership. Presently, Pakistan is in good hands of Imran Khan’s leadership. Every year you’ll see a changing Pakistan. 

3 & 4: Imran Khan Not Misusing his Leadership… 

What’s going on China, the World knows. But, Imran Khan can only discuss with the Chinese gov’t or request them not to harass Uighur Muslims. However, China will not listen to Imran Khan as there’s huge support from China to Pakistan. Yet, it’s possible if 57 Muslim countries raise their voices against atrocities to Muslims in China and India.

However, leaders of Muslim countries have become commercial and they want business. Likewise, in India no Muslim group raised their voices against the abrogation of article 370 and article 35A. There’s a lot to say.

Recently, in Switzerland, Burqa was banned and also in Sri Lanka. But Pakistan revoked Burqa Ban from Sri Lanka and pushed Sri Lanka also to allow Muslims to bury their relatives died of Covid-19 instead of setting the dead on fire.

Finally, Islam is growing faster in every Country because people reading a lot. It’s also a fact that any non Muslim if reads the Glorious Quran and gains knowledge of Islam through Quran & Hadiths will definitely accept Islam.

In Pakistan, Cricketer Youhana embraced Islam and then many of his Hindu followers. The myth is Hindu population in Pakistan is reduced but the fact is Hindus in Pakistan accepting Islam and becoming good Muslims. And throughout the World Islam is spreading fast. And Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World. However, Indians keep on saying why Hindu population in Pakistan declining? It’s not true. Hindu population is the same as it was. But some Hindus accepting Islam.

Hatred, Mockery, Fake News, Violence, Rapes, and horrible crimes are encouraged in India, which is the reason for India’s downfall. Let’s hope that India learns and shines again.

Currently, minorities including Hindus in Pakistan are living happily while in India???

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