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Why India Daily Virus Averaging 70,000 But No Lockdowns So Good?

Why India Daily Virus Averaging 70,000 But No Lockdowns So Good?

The sudden surge in the COVID cases across India has been alarmingly threatening. In the last 24 hours India recorded over 81 thousand COVID positive cases. While sudden surge increasing everyday since the past 4 days. Yes, why India daily virus averaging 70,000 cases at present for no more lockdowns so good? It’s so because people should take precautions, which will be better than cure even after vaccinations. Firstly, people should wear masks and follow social distancing and no unnecessary movements outside.

Why India Daily Virus Averaging More…

Shopping for daily use products such as milk and vegetables will be good if people wear masks. And maintain social distancing to keep the risks of infection away while shopping in any case for essential goods. It’s good if bulk purchases eases frequent outside ventures.

Request To Worshippers…

People, who visit worshiping places like Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras, etc., need to know that these religious places offer social distancing. People should wear masks while visiting religious places and so on. And if people don’t bother to meet friends and strangers in functions such as marriage or any other gatherings, then for them, there’s no excuse. This is so because you should keep in mind that while you pray or worship at homes but also attend gatherings will not be fair enough. Isn’t it?

You need to practice all precautions everywhere including no social gatherings if no worshiping at religious places. Avoid election rallies, protests and much more to be fair enough. What will you have an excuse for offering prayers or worshiping at homes while you attend marriage functions, etc.

These is as simple as you too think about and prefer because things are too clear now for you to be same in whatever situation you might be. Daily deaths are fluctuating also like daily positive cases of Covid-19 and its variants. However, currently the number is 300 deaths as a daily average for virus deaths. However, we don’t have accurate data for critical cases. Let’s know more about why India daily virus averaging 70,000 cases or more…

Request For Addicted People…

If you’re addicted to alcohol, or smoking, etc., which are proved to be injurious to health then it’s best for you to quit. Else, you should reduce these harmful products’ intake. The less you smoke or consume alcohol, it’s better. But not the best. The best is quitting. However, you can purchase some packs of cigarette as a stock to remain indoors while working from home, you can be more at home.

This is so because, every other time, going out to smoke will be harmful for others too. Smoke at your home, in your balconies. Alcoholics must quit to avoid critical illness. And expenses of ICUs because mostly alcoholics when tested positive to the virus and its variants suffer a lot.

The pandemic Covid-19 is mutating and the virus has many variants, and so be cautious else it would harm. But, lockdowns are not the solutions because people will die of hunger than from COVID and its variants. This is why India daily virus averaging 70,000 or more can be fought if people understand the restrictions. The lockdowns not only bad for the economy of the nation but also will trouble poor people a lot.

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