BJP Not To Get Over 100 Seats In Bengal As Game Will Be Over

BJP Not To Get Over 100 Seats In Bengal As Game Will Be Over

BJP is trying hard to win elections in Bengal. However, BJP not to get over 100 seats or cross 3 figure mark. Mamata Banerjee is a big threat for BJP. And people from different religions have unity in between in Bengal. They respect each other’s sentiments and know what needs to keep in mind to fulfill the dreams of their children or young generation. Progress of the nation is what the people of Bengal want. So, even if BJP tries hard and plays any sort of game as a hook or crook to win Bengal, they won’t.

The game for BJP is over in Bengal. Say experts because BJP keeps speaking lies. Sometimes they say about NRC and sometimes that no more NRC or CAA. They promise for jobs and many more benefits to the people of India and then turn the tables in their favor while diverting attentions. The modus operandi of the BJP will not be accepted in Bengal. They won’t win 100 or more seats in Bengal. And this is to be believed to keep calm and trust the best gov’t in Bengal. Any other gov’t will be better than BJP. Indians need a change. And this change will be good if BJP wipes off in 2022.

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