Hate Crimes To Continue In India As Long As BJP Finds Business

Hate Crimes To Continue In India As Long As BJP Finds Business

There are many fake online news channels running on profits and these are responsible for hate crimes to continue in India. Defending what’s fake is not right. Defending truth always welcome. People need to understand this. Hate crimes to continue in India for how long?

The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) always have good support from Indian online and TV media. Though YouTubers come up with fact checks and keep on exposing BJP. But their voices never reach to large number of viewers. The problem is morphed and edited videos or text images go viral on social media. Alt News do a lot to fact check and report truth while many people, who support BJP criticize Alt News.

There are numerous ways to target one or the other community using social media. But, how long they hide the facts? Facts do come up in a while. But India is becoming a country of hate crimes, mob lynching, harassments, atrocities over innocents and a country of fascists. Most of the people in India know that politics is just another business.

And it’s a game of divide and rule. Everyday, incidents of hate crimes ignored. And due to this hate crimes in India to continue as long as BJP in power.

Fake Story Of The Killing Of Kashmiri Pundits…

A Glimpse On Fake Story Based Movie…

  • Movie The Kashmir Files On Kashmiri Pandits Is Based On Fake Story.
  • No incidence whatsoever taken in Kashmir for atrocities over Kashmiri Pundits or Kashmiri Hindus (The Filmmaker calls Kashmiri Hindus).
  • A call to prayer will always take place for Muslims and for prayers to be performed in Mosques and not for spreading hatred. But, the makers of The Kashmir Files (Title might be changed) are set to release the movie on Aug 15 2021.
  • They initially claimed that the movie includes calls from the Mosques to kill the Kaffirs. This is against Islam and would never had taken place. Here’s the Truth.
  • Don’t believe on what some Filmmakers claim, and they just want to spread hatred to make good money. However, Movies, like these needs to be banned before their release. 

The Hate Crimes to continue in India for just a matter of time. If BJP never benefits from divide and rule policy then India will be on a threshold of progress. Everyone will be happy to live in India. And things will be better. BJP leaders have an inside hatred over minorities and they have played their part in promoting RSS terrorism.

This hatred in the minds of top leaders from BJP, brought benefits to BJP through hate crimes. And has become a business. If the business of hatred fails then who would support BJP? People want good future for their Children. And good jobs too for the Youth in India.

The ideology and marketing strategy of BJP is based on hatred towards minorities in India. And this will come to an end when people understand politics is just a business for BJP.

Well, let’s go back to 1992, Dec 6, when Babri Masjid was demolished. It remained as a disputed structure until 2019. BJP used to sell India, also in return buys judges to give their decision in the favor BJP, where BJP wants to show the majority that it’s doing all good.

Babri Masjid demolition, Muslims suffering in India, Babri Masjid, Poor people, BJP govt, innocents, Kar Sevaks

Example Of Hate Crimes & Fake Reporting

It’s an incident not so recent though but a boy of 12 years went to a temple, which was near to him to drink water. He was abused and beaten up. And because he’s 12 year old, he didn’t knew what will be the outcome as he wasn’t aware of the rise of fascism in India.

Later, fake reports after couple of days popped up, claiming the boy as 14 year old and not 12 year old. Further, the media reported that the boy was teasing girls in the temple and so he was beaten up. These kind of fake reports continue to go viral along with morphed images and edited videos. However, many people supported the boy in India, trending #SorryAsif.

Few YouTubers, Who Speak Facts… Hate Crime To Continue in India For How Long?

YouTube, Facts, Truth, Against Hate Crimes,
Punya Prasun Bajpai

Mr. Bajpai brings factual YouTube videos, consisting of reviews, analysis. And the love for India’s progress to express his views for removing hatred from the minds of the people. He wants a secular, progressing, and democratic India, where peacefulness is best to enjoy being Indian. His latest analysis uploaded almost everyday.

YouTube, Facts, Truth, Against Hate Crimes,
Ravish Kumar

Again, Ravish Kumar, a big figure in the subject of journalism, known to speak truth and also thinks about India’s good future. His updates also should reach more people.

YouTube, Facts, Truth, Against Hate Crimes,
Abhisar Sharma

Abhisar Sharma is an interesting YouTuber, who will be seen on multiple YouTube channels. He collects foreign and Indian content news information and confirms it until he finds facts to bring for his viewers.

YouTube, Facts, Truth, Against Hate Crimes,
Dr. Arshi (Not A Journalist)

Dr. Arshi Khan’s own YouTube channel “Political Tamasha with Dr. Arshi, itself says a lot, which she wants to say truthfully. She brings fact checked and almost accurate information but not on daily basis. Maybe twice or thrice a week. This is so because she’s a practicing doctor as well.

Ajit Anjum (Journalist/YouTuber)

Ajit Anjum is an experienced journalist, who is new to YouTube but in a span of 8 months achieved 1Million subscribers. He used to learn a lot from Hindi & English newspapers and upload his videos. Since he has seen the farmers protesting, he started taking interviews of farmers. And beyond that he’s coming up with opinion polls while speaking to people from different States to bring you the best. And know about which party will defeat BJP and so on.

Do Hate Crimes To Continue In India?

Yes, finally it’s good to know that hate crimes will not last for longtime. Peacefulness in India will take a front seat. All hatred, enmity and fake news will vanish soon. This will surely happen to make India, a better place for tourists and visitors along with Indians living in unity. India will be the progressing nation and will again shine as there would be no more hate spreading people or hateful communities left to spread hatred.

All the people from different religions will live together as unity will be the key for the progress of India. There will be no hate crimes and it would be likely that BJP will be wiped off or change their divide and rule policy. Yes, hate crimes to continue in India as long as BJP finds business. Their business of hatred will come to an end for sure. And it’s required.

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