Thursday, September 28, 2023
Alt News Fact Check Exposes Fake Posts To Avoid Spread Of Hatred

Alt News Fact Check Exposes Fake Posts To Avoid Spread Of Hatred

The Alt News Fact Check posts are a blessing for all Indians, who want correct information. The Alt News fact check every post from anyone of any religion. Alt news never posts fact checked news if they find that so and so post is not fake. This is so because two of our many viral posts denied Alt News for fact checking when people reported our posts to check for.

Do we need to still point fingers over the hard work that the staff of Alt news do? One of the Co Founder of Alt news works for a longtime and keeps informing people about what’s fake. Well, there are many people of different religions attached to Alt news. 

It’s our duty to support the good work. And expose the wrongdoing folks. We’re here to live on earth peacefully rather than be responsible indirectly to support mischief. 

People might not be aware that per day or in 24 hours, Alt news exposes as many as 30-50 fake posts. How much one online news channel needs to work for. And it’s horrible that so many fake posts posted everyday on SM as these people never get tired of spreading hatred. 

However, during the hardest times or the tough times of the pandemic, Alt news needs your support. You can if possible donate a few dimes to Alt news. Every online channel keeps asking for donations. But, is it not right to donate Alt news fact check online channel for what good work they do? 

Yes please do come forward and eliminate the spread of hatred in India. 

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How Report Posts Like, Alt News Fact Check…, Etc.

We do not pay attention to report posts lengthy. However, we’ve posts of 2000 words to 7000 words based upon readability. Our intention is to consume lesser time of our readers for them to go through our site experiencing different topics. So, we stopped adding more content to our posts in order to make our readers do not read more than what our headline says.

Many TV channels lengthen their reports and repeat the headlines just to make you watch more. Even one tweet of about 10 words used to make a report of about 1 hour or more. We do not do this and we always provide useful and factual content in short. This is why online channels have something to say.

You should be aware of what’s happening rather than read more without understanding the main issues. We’re an independent channel. Do keep visiting us frequently and search with your choicest words with the use of our search box. You can read many topics and much more different content like, News, Scripts, Poetry, Lyrics, eBooks, etc.

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