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Kuch Kuch Hora ha hai – Love Song – Musical – Get It Now! Grab It

Kuch Kuch Hora ha hai – Love Song – Musical – Get It Now! Grab It

Kuch Kuch Hora ha hai – The battles of love affairs continues. Though this lyric title is similar to the lyrics of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Movie starring Shah Rukh Khan. Here, but everything is unique and the expert of lyrics sells different and unique his lyrics to each company. Also negotiable.

Love Song – Musical – Get It Now! Grab It!  

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InHandWriter is always creative. And keeps the customers connected even after the transactions of purchase in any which way. INHANDWRITER (Khalid M Raza) can change or lengthen the content on demand. The longer the lyrics, the customers wants, the longer the lyrics and other content will be sold at very low cost. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for reading our content or lyrics in any form, whether fictional stories to love songs, everything is unique. And truly attractive to make you benefit from.

The Lyrics Kuch Kuch Hora Ha as Follows:

Mujhe Kuch Kuch hora ha hai – means: I’m feeling something. 

Pata nahi kya ye sach much hora ha hai – means: Don’t even know this is in actual sense going on. 

Kya baat hai jo Nazar 🧿 meri jhuk jaati hai – means: What’s the reason that my eyes look downwards) 

Jab Dil 💓 ki dhadkan meri bad’jaati hai, which means, When my heartbeat speed increases.

Mera badan bhi kyun sulagta hai , which means: Why my body burning 🔥). 

Ye aisa kaisa mujhe lagta hai ? means: How this whatever looks to me?

Aag 🔥 mere dil mein jal rahi hai, which means: Fire in my heart is going on and on. 

Yaad mujhe uski baar baar aa rahi hai…, which means: I keep remembering her every time. 

Mujhe kuch kuch hora hai, which means: I’m feeling something.

Ye kaisa bukhaar hai ?How this fever is? 

Mera Dil bekaraar hai My heart is restless… 

Dil pe aisa kaisa hua hai asar How my heart got affected?

Har taraf too mujhe aaye Nazar I see her everywhere wherever I look.

Bechaini bhi hoti mere dil 💓 mein, which means: Restlessness is always there in my heart. 

Use Abhi kiya nahi haasil main I have not yet achieved her. 

Dil naa’jaane mera kyun Kho raha hai ? I don’t know where my heart going lost. 

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Mujhe kuch kuch hora ha hai I’m feeling something.

Dil ki dharkan tez hogayee My heartbeat speed increased. 

Dhak dhak dhak karne lagi Feeling the heartbeats sounds too.

Raaton mein uski yaadon mein In the nights, when remembering her. 

Neend na aye meri aankhon mein No sleep coming in my eyes. 

Ha’le dil samajh nahi aa raha hai… Can’t understand the situation of my heart. 

Kya Mujhe pyar sach much hora ha hai? means: Is love to me happening the way I want?

Mujhe kuch kuch hora ha hai I’m feeling something…

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