Dengue Patients Admitted in Hospitals Of Hyderabad Worry Doctors

Dengue Patients Admitted in Hospitals Of Hyderabad Worry Doctors

Dengue Cases Rise in Hyderabad As Mosquito Breeding Continues. Dengue Patients Admitted in Hospitals of Hyderabad Also Another Concern.

Doctors worry over dengue patients admitted in Hospitals of Hyderabad as another concern. Doctors find one to four daily dengue cases as in-patients in the hospitals. That means most of the dengue patients in Hyderabad admitted in hospitals. 

The concern is people suffering from high fever can’t be treated with out-patient facilities. 

Furthermore, the garbage bins contain rain water, which remains to breed dengue mosquitoes. And some manhole leakage water, which invite dengue mosquito breeding too. 

Dr. M. Karuna while interacting to Deccan Chronicle said that all dengue cases needs to be reported to GHMC. She also said that dengue mosquitoes can’t travel more than 500 meters. And the concrete steps from GHMC officials will stop dengue cases to rise. And it’s possible to stop dengue, with proper measures taken. 

People should also report about the stagnant water. Thus, it’s not a major concern according to her. Also Dr. Vijay Anand speaking to Deccan Chronicle briefed  that: “We must be alert and shouldn’t allow water to stagnate anywhere in Hyderabad”. Prevention measures need to be carried out strictly. 

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