Seen COVID Variants Closely Yet People Move Freely in Hyderabad

Seen COVID Variants Closely Yet People Move Freely in Hyderabad

Seen COVID Variants Closely Yet People Move Freely in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is an Indian City in the State of Telangana, Where most of the people are fearless and also careless.

What the World Experts and the Experts of Experts believe and come forward to guide people isn’t sufficient ? Well, it was observed and seen COVID variants closely due to our relatives, friends and so on, got infected. 

Once you hear the news of someone as your friend’s relative got infected. And then there from you can find your one relative at least infected from COVID or its variant. It’s time again to remind people in Hyderabad about the serious illnesses that COVID and its variants can bring forth. In addition treatment is very expensive too. 

Wear Masks & Also Follow Social Distancing

Yet people in Hyderabad particularly, not following the usual lifestyle the world has adopted since 2020. Remember, people of Hyderabad also seen COVID variants closely while knowing people dearer to them had passed away. And these casualties might be recent or might not be but do the people of Hyderabad listen to ? Someone from Hyderabad will come again and say COVID has become weak. These “someones” are too many in every corner of Hyderabad. 

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Not planning things the way, that needs to be planned, makes no sense. Be prepared as independence from the virus not yet accomplished. 

Even yesterday, United States President Joe Biden pointed out that Americans can take a sigh of relief from the virus. But it’s not the time to celebrate victory from COVID. The pandemic will be there unless everyone is safe. One will be safe if everyone is safe. So, why not the people of Hyderabad can’t digest the fact that COVID is not yet finished? And the fight is still on. 

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