Opinion Polls For Uttar Pradesh Elections Favor Whom

Opinion Polls For Uttar Pradesh Elections Favor Whom

Opinion Polls For Uttar Pradesh Elections Favor Whom ? A Discussion, You Would Like Reading Till The End & Also Other Posts Of In Hand Writer…

A series of Opinion Polls  always carried on right before elections as YouTubers make the viewers busy with. And Opinion Polls for Uttar Pradesh elections favors whom ? Is this the question ? Let’s discuss. 

People in Uttar Pradesh are fed up with BJP and cursing Yogi Adityanath for his all failures. His failures to control the pandemic while ignoring people putting dead bodies in the rivers, which were seen floating out. Death rate of COVID victims also used to be shown incorrect. 

Well, I’ve seen a large number of people speaking-against BJP and they’re bothered also about job crises due to BJP. Now that BJP already exposed before UP elections and people also want to vote a different party. Do these opinion polls for Uttar Pradesh explain us about the big defeat of BJP right before elections ? No! 

The series of opinion polls on YouTube will continue until 2022. But, don’t you think, as there’s ample time for the elections, BJP would play their other cards ? 

And after seeing people wanting not to vote for BJP then there’s a lot more time for BJP marketing executives. You know they’re a lot that BJP hired them for winning elections. 

Furthermore, these marketing executives also funded with, to distribute money to the poor. This way, BJP could cash in votes from the poor. And poor voting people are plenty to vote for BJP. 

The election strategies likely to change at the last minute. And beware of the desperation of BJP to win. 

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