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No Health Insurance Making People Cry Than Cry On Disease

No Health Insurance Making People Cry Than Cry On Disease

No Health Insurance Making People Cry Than Cry On Disease 

A Doctor attended a patient, who was suffering with liver abscess. And his family was crying not because he was having the disease but because he had no health insurance. The patient was in deep sorrow over the expenses they’ve to bear with, in Hyderabad, here on Saturday. So, why no health insurance making people cry ? This is the case, which troubled the man more than the ailment. 

This sucked the man towards an awful regret, which caused a heart attack and he died not because of liver disease. 

A story deeply involved with the emotions, where the family members lost another life due to not so common reason. However, there might be plenty of such cases in India. 

Earlier, the family lost their father and now the mother become a widow having three sons. The three sons until things have become worse, aged 26, 31, and 35 respectively. This is because the 35 year old lost his job at the end of 2020, and on yesterday he lost his life. 

However, having lost her husband due to COVID, the mother of three sons was shocked again. Her husband was 65 year old in 2020, when he died due to the virus. The 57 year old lady also was arranging money for hospital bill from her relatives. 

A Sad End & Just The Sad Feelings Below:

Names of all the members and those of the deceased intentionally not mentioned here for privacy concern. 

Hospitals do charge huge money because they’ve to give the best possible treatment. The lady was hurt a lot when her 35 year old son was experiencing severe uncontrollable pain. But it looked as if money can’t save lives. The reason for the 35 year old to lose his life was he preferred no health insurance policy. That led to his demise as he was working until the end of 2020. 

Lack of planning is the problem that the 57 year old lady has to go through. Losing her husband and then her son. A sad story brought up because no health insurance making people cry. 

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