UK To Deport Almost All Illegals By End Of 2021 To India

UK To Deport Almost All Illegals By End Of 2021 To India

UK To Deport Almost All Illegals By End Of 2021 To India

Working or non working illegals in the UK, not likely to see the New Year 2022. The UK told India that, there are thousands of illegals staying in the UK. And working for cash in hand jobs to various businesses. If not a Million illegals staying in UK, as it was told earlier to India, there are thousands of them. The UK used to deport illegals since a longtime. However, this year, UK is going to deport as many illegals to India as possible.

The job market in UK has become tight. And it’s not a good idea to lose tax money while keeping illegals in UK to work for companies, who offer cash in hand jobs. It’s something, which bothers many people that UK to deport almost all illegals, isn’t fair? But, there are many questions, and arguments to keep discussing in order to find a solution.

The story is somewhat lengthy because these are the people from India and Pakistan, who work in the UK without visiting their family. And they’re staying in the UK since more than 20 years. It’s tough for them that they think to find a job in India. But on the other hand, they can do small businesses in India and be with their families.

Why Study To Do Odd Jobs ?

Some honest illegals will be in trouble as they were on student visas. And had spent some good money to study in the UK, only to work in furniture shops, food stores, fast food shops and so on. Do these people realize that had they did their studies in the best possible way, they could have done something good or better back home in India.

However, they’re in UK to earn money. And send a little to their families in India without bothering to know in person, how their family miss them. Some illegals also walk dozens of kilometers to and from their work place in order to save travel expenses. The atmosphere is cool and healthy for them to stay in UK. But does this mean that they should be away from their family members?

They do odd jobs, which is something wasteful to the economy of the UK. Since there’s no data to know where the money is going and how much these workers paid? Yes, people from India or Pakistan and not to forget Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, almost the Asians work in UK as if they can’t to anything in their country of birth. The problem is not to bother about UK or acknowledge what UK is doing by the end of 2021.

UK To Deport Almost All illegals & More

It’s sad to know that the people from India have that much ability or capability to get UK visas, then why can’t they do something in India? They think sending some little amount to their families back home, is the only good thing, which keeps them do hard work in the UK. That hard working abilities if they utilized in their own country, after some good experience of staying in UK, legally, then they can do good in India. And even better.

However, it’s again a matter of concern when UK to deport almost all illegals, and again India has currently in trouble of job and business crises. The small and big businesses in India are shutting down. But, one can still earn to survive in India while living together with family members.

The point is to be with family together, wherever you’re. There are some middle aged men from India, staying in UK since many years as illegals or on asylum. They can’t see their children but they’re not so worried because of the pace of life in the UK. They do hard work for their children but is it fair to be away from them? No, they keep doing phone calls to their family staying in India. And that’s not enough for the family members, because they keep asking “when are you coming dad” and so on.

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