Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Losing You Was My Worry But I Lost Myself in Your Thoughts

Losing You Was My Worry But I Lost Myself in Your Thoughts

Losing You Was My Worry But I Lost Myself in Your Thoughts 

Whenever I wanted to meet you, to see your beauty, I was so much in love with you. I was madly in love with you and I still can’t believe how I lost you. Losing you was my worry. And then I lost myself in your thoughts, where from I went on to think only about you. 

I have lot to say, and I don’t mind that I lost so much precious time in my life, which was even more precious when I was with you. Never I bothered to go on moving forward and build my career. You were my career and I gave up everything for you. And I still don’t know that because of my obsession or because of my passion I lost you. But I lost myself and everything in your thoughts. 

Yet, I’m sad that I’m no more with you. Neither your life partner nor your friend. The least I could do now is just to think about you and feel the pain that you’re no more with me now. 

I have a lot to fret and regret as you thought I was just not fit for you. And when you started ignoring me, I felt I was wrong. I tried my best to work hard to make a comeback in my life to be in your life. 

Then again you could have saved me. But you left me cold and dry. Losing you was my worry. But I lost everything but I miss you because I lost you too, which hurts me lot more than anything else. And this is what I’m now. 

A man, who deserves you and yet you’re so far from me. You’re no more with me as I always was fond of you. And I lost myself in your thoughts. And still thinking of you. Remembering you. 

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