American Dream Life For Pakistanis Turns To Nightmare As NRIs Also Hit

American Dream Life For Pakistanis Turns To Nightmare As NRIs Also Hit

American Dream Life For Pakistanis Becomes Nightmare 

Based on the survey of the experts, claiming OPs (Overseas Pakistanis) are currently troubled in America. With no jobs even for Indian students, Pakistanis are far behind to live peacefully in their dream countries. Firstly, American dream life for Pakistanis  becomes their nightmare.  

This way, America another dream country of overseas Pakistani students becomes their “graveyard”. Means no professional jobs and even no odd jobs for Pakistanis available currently. 

Secondly, even Bangladeshi owned companies in western countries prefer Indians to work for them while avoiding Pakistanis. The reputation of Pakistanis was far less respectful than the Indian workers. Now that Pakistani students studying in America over the years learning to be loyal. And hard working, the COVID crises appears to put Pakistanis in more trouble than overseas Indian students. 

Comparing the two countries India and Pakistan will not justify here. This is because everyone from any country find their dream life again as joyful. It’s the money-making in America for overseas Pakistanis or NRIs, makes America their dream country to live. 

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What Indians & Pakistanis Eye For In America?

Here, in Pakistan non residential Pakistanis are known as overseas Pakistanis (OPs). And in India, NRIs are Non Residents of India. The life of everyone matters a lot as you think in a broad sense. Students from Pakistan study in America for just doing odd jobs (Labor jobs). And this way, they move forward to fulfil their dreams as American dream life keeps them working hard. 

Even Bangladeshi owned companies in western countries prefer Indians to work for them while they avoid Pakistanis. This is because Pakistanis do some tricks in their work. And try to play shortcuts to earn more. However, during recent times, Pakistanis have become matured but lost their way thanks to COVID. 

American dream life for Pakistanis have become a nightmare as not even odd jobs available for them in America, currently. Indians on the other hand can still do well and are doing well in America. 

The reputation of working class of India is what brings Indians, the jobs. It’s because of the poor abilities and poor performances of Pakistanis, from where Indians used to be preferred over them. But, now American dream life for Pakistanis has become painful. Foreign remittances for both India and Pakistan are good. And in many cases, Indians and Pakistanis fly to America to earn huge money and send some of their earned money to their relatives. This again helps the poor background people to reach to a level of middle class or even higher.  

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