Naat Nasheed inhandwriter — Gunahon Pe Parda — Not For FREE 

Naat Nasheed inhandwriter — Gunahon Pe Parda — Not For FREE 

Want To Just Read? Go Ahead With Naat Nasheed inhandwriter — Gunahon Pe Parda — Not For FREE 

This Naat Nasheed inhandwriter special is negotiable if inhandwriter finds any suitable client, who can do good. And try his best to make this lyrics type Naat Nasheed inhandwriter listened in a way that people find it heart-touching. Don’t please break the flow as you can purchase on an affordable price. 

Kisi ki shikayat tum na karo 

— Do not complain about anyone 

Rab se hamesha darte raho 

— Fear always your Lord 

Zikr bhi Rab ka karte raho 

— Keep remembering your Lord 

Tumhare Gunahon ki saza to milegi 

— Your sins will be given punishment for sure 

Marne ke baad iski khabr jo milegi 

— You’ll know about your sins after your death 

Tum bhi kabhi auron ke gunahon ki parwa na karna 

— Don’t worry about the sins of others 

Tumhare gunahon pe Parda rakha hai dua karte rehna 

— There’s a cover for your sins that you must know 

Logon ke gunahon se shikwa na karna 

— Don’t keep counting sins of others 

Koi gunah karne wale ko yuhin bass rok Lena 

— But you need to stop the sinner from committing sins 

Shikayat na karna, gila bhi Na karna 

— Do not complain and do not be against 

Gunahon pe parda tum rakha karo 

—Always keep cover on the sins 

More To Follow…

Maaf tumhe karega zarur Rab Ul Alameen 

—The Lord of the worlds will forgive you 

Reham hoga tum par, ye rakho Yakheen 

— Mercy will be showered upon you, which you need to believe 

Woh jaanta hai tumhare iraade 

— He knows all your intentions 

Todo kisi se na jo bhi kiye tum koi bhi wade 

— Do not break promises that you made 

Baat magar ye sunlo zara 

Sabr se kaam karna zara 

— Just know this at the moment 

— Keep patience always in this world 

Sab ke gunahon pe parda tum bhi rakhna zara 

— You too need to cover sins of all that you know 

Marne baad pata jo chalega jo iski fikr mein rehna zara 

— After your death, you’ll know better, so you need to keep this in mind 

Sawalon ka jawab dena hai tumko 

—You have answer the questions asked 

Koshish karna munasib hai tumko 

— Try your best, for it’s good for you 

Hojaao khush ek pall ke liye 

— Be happy at the moment anyways 

Jeena hai tumko bass kal ke liye 

— You need to live for the tomorrow 

A Bit More To Follow

Dua bhi tum Rab se maanga karo 

—Keep asking for forgiveness from your Lord 

Gunahon pe parda rakha karo… 

— Do keep cover over the sins 

This Naat Nasheed inhandwriter as per your demand will be changed accordingly to fit in your use of voice flow. Do let us know if you need more stanzas. Thanks again. 

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