Builders Too Slow To Complete Projects As Flat Owners Panic

Builders Too Slow To Complete Projects As Flat Owners Panic

Builders in India are too slow in completing their projects, particularly in Hyderabad. When asked one of the builders, Mr. Abdul Wasay about why he’s delaying some of his projects? He said: There’s no reason for him to delay completing the project as the sooner the projects completed, the more in benefit he would be. Then why since 2 years he has not completed his project yet? It looks as if he’s in huge loss and couldn’t spend money on daily basis at least of the amount 30 to 50 thousand per day or per week. Many other builders also keep lamenting about their daily wage laborers, and Engineers, who as they keep saying are responsible for the delay. Let’s know why builders too slow and more.

Builders too slow to complete projects on time have many lame reasons as excuses. But the valid reason is that people are wary of purchasing properties. They’re short of money either or do not want to get trapped over home loans, which are easily available. Even personal loans and credit cards are on sale from most of the banks in India. The main valid reason for the builders too slow to complete projects is the use of construction workers in lowest numbers. Few people working for the builders and it’s worrying the flat owners. Some of the flat owners wanting to sell out their purchased flats even without registering and at a low costs. This again creating some issues for the builders.

Why Builders Too Slow To Complete Projects…

In the construction industry, builders are fine if they’re even going too slow because what they keep saying after full amount paid will be with their intent of aggression. People, who paying on installments not so worried after purchasing the flats. But those, who paid full amount for their chosen flats are dealt with strongly. They’ve to wait because builders can say them anything and get away. People have nothing in their favor when they’ve already paid full amount on some discounted prices. This makes builders on top to treat these of their clients aggressively. It’s nothing but business for making money or spending less over construction works. Builders spending less and are not so keen to complete their projects. This in return is agonizing the flat owners.

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