Charanjit Singh Channi Is Next Punjab Chief Minister

Charanjit Singh Channi Is Next Punjab Chief Minister

Ambika Soni, Navjot Singh Sidhu and a few others unaccepted Chief Minister’s offer for Punjab. This resulted to confirm that Charanjit Singh Channi is next Punjab Chief Minister. He’ll be the first Dalit person to become Panjab’s Chief Minister. The first leader from the Dalit community in the North India, which Congress made possible, gaining huge support from many people. This is a victory for Congress, which has become a masterstroke before Uttar Pradesh elections. However, Congress didn’t said anything about Channi’s background or his connection with the Dalit community.

The talk of the town among the people of Panjab turns also towards BJP to claim that BJP never did any good for the Dalits. Dalits are raped, harassed and oppressed under the leadership of BJP. It’s not that BJP troubles Dalits but many other minorities are in deep trouble under BJP govt. Yes, Charanjit Singh Channi is next Punjab Chief Minister. So, BJP started speaking against Congress, saying Channi is the friend of Rahul Gandhi.

It doesn’t matter even if Channi is Rahul Gandhi’s friend or relative. What’s the best or at least good to know is that Channi though belongs to Dalit community preferred over few others.

Yes, some others also did not accept Chief Minister’s offer given to them. But many others were also in the list to be made Panjab’s Chief Minister. All’s well and going good for Congress so far. Channi is from Dalit community and also his religion is Sikhism, which gives Congress some impetus. This move also will benefit Congress Politically.

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